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Whole MAMA Reunion

We are kicking off a 30 day workshop starting October 1st and to say we are pumped would be an understatement.  Years have passed since our last Whole MAMA hoorah and like all of us, life has been something we never saw coming. You just can’t make this stuff up. There has been the unavoidable pain mixed with incredible beauty, all filled with gorgeous golden nuggets along the way.  Through all of it, we have been lucky enough to have one another and that has made all the difference. It is why we are here.

The connection,

the kick in the butt when you need it, the reminder of who you are,

the ability to laugh at the sometimes mundane and sometimes insane,

the compassionate ear,

the lack of judgement and

the encouragement to be the best damn version of yourself that is possible……

it’s what every MAMA is worthy of.

One of these life lesson discoveries we happened upon has been a total game changer for us in our spiritual, physical and mental health. We would be remiss if we didn’t incorporate it here. Oils, MAMAs. Those little hippie bottles that everyone is talking about. Who knew? But they really are more than either of us saw coming. Which is why as we embark on our 30 days together, we will use these oils as a common thread, connector, and foundation for coming back together in community and even more so, coming back home to yourself.

Our time together is broken down into 3 phases: Own it, Rock it, Share it

Own it–

We are bringing it back to the basics. This is you taking a hot minute to come back to yourself. We know as MAMAs you are there for everyone and their brother. Literally. This is a time for you to come back home to YOU.

We will serve as guides while we create new habits of self-awareness to build on. We will journal, hydrate, dance a little and start to carve out the time to make lasting changes we’ve been craving.

Rock it–-

The moment where you breathe a little deeper, put your shoulders back, lift your head, and maybe even shake your ass. We are so done holding back. It’s time to rock what you got. We will gain clarity on what it is we truly want and develop tools to going after it like the MAMA we always knew deep down we are. Ritual, nourishment, and, of course, more dancing.

Share it–

The whole point really, right? We shine to light a path for those around us. Together we are going to keep the good times rolling as we pin point and highlight our strengths.  It’s time to spread the love!! We will find ways to give back and use what we have to make big change in the world. Hot damn!

**We will have some oil education and supplementation all along the way for each phase. This is gold MAMAs!**

In knowing that we couldn’t do this reunion without these oils (they really have become that significant to us) we needed to figure out a way to get these little bottles of goodness to you while we simultaneously mapping out the reunion in all it’s glory. The answer was simple. The ONLY registration fee for the Whole MAMA Reunion is for you to equip yourself with the oils. That’s it! You purchase the oils and we will show you how to use them to enhance all the goodness the next 30 days is going to bring. Bam.

We have chosen to partner with dōTERRA for lots of reasons, the health an well being of our families, financial security and to be part of something bigger!  To see how dōTERRA gives back, explore their Healing Hands Foundation. To learn about their exceptional quality and sourcing, Source to You helps you see how they work closely with the villages and the farmers who are growing these plants that give so much to us.

Here are the steps to take to jump in with us:

  • Click here to join our team.
  • Fill in your personal information
  • Agree to terms and conditions and click “continue.”
  • Select the Family Essentials Kit (cost is $150)

*If you are already a dōTERRA member and would like to participate, please contact liz@wholemama.org or bdegeilh@gmail.com for more info.

We can’t wait to reconnect!


Liz and Bec