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Guys, we’re BACK!!  Life is unpredictable, and sometimes things come full circle. In all the time that we have been doing our own thing, we are forever connected and, without fail, always coming back to our same ideas from back in the day.  Its simple, when mama ain’t happy ain’t NOBODY happy!!  It is way too easy to forget this and even easier to get frustrated with life’s circumstances or the people, young and grown, around us. But truth is, it always comes full circle. It always comes back to you. No person, relationship, job, weight, or situation is going to be able to give you what your heart is asking for. That magic you’ve been waiting for? It’s always been you mama. Best part is, when you shine, you light a path for all those around you. 

We are excited to come back together and start talking the talk and walking the walk. Registration and info here.